Apply now, and get help to attract partners or customers to your business. The course is targeting entrepreneurs looking to drive positive change, but are unsure how to move forward.

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Why you should join

By attending you will 

  • Participate in three digital workshops where we identify measures to get your concept one step closer to market-readiness
  • Develop your own roadmap with milestones 
  • Get valuable input from other participants on the challenges and opportunities you face as an entrepreneur.
  • Get two 1:1 mentoring sessions where we work on sharpening the message and tailoring a method that suits you and your concept.
  • Get your concept evaluated through market-driven innovation.
  • Identify possible partners
  • Learn how to describe your concept and how to find collaboration partners and customers

This is how it happens

  • 3 digital workshops for 60 minutes on Monday 3rd of June, Monday June 10th and Monday June 17th.
  • The three workshops sessions are conducted at 2 pm Norwegian Time, or later if needed.
  • The 1:1 sessions are held on a time suitable for each participants, and lasts for 45 minutes each.

After completing the workshop you will have

  • An extended network of entrepreneurs in the same situation.
  • Feedback about the market potential of your idea with basic steps on how to reach market readiness.
  • A clarified message, so that it becomes easier to communicate your idea to others.
  • A launch plan for your idea.
  • Increased self esteem, new knowledge on how your idea contributes to positive change and how this can help your business to the next level.

The three-week digital workshop is suitable for entrepreneurs and business owners who have established interest for their product or service in the market, but are struggling to grow their business from one to several customers.

The workshop costs only 1490,- NOK eks. mva. or 140 USD excl. taxes.

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About Ellen Loxley-Slåttsveen

The workshops sessions are performed by Ellen Loxley-Slåttsveen who has more than 13 years of experience from different start-ups . She has worked with general management, commercial management and communication of sustainable companies within tech, cosmetics, mobility, city planning and renewable energy.

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