Be heard, remove noise and grow your business 

I help entrepreneurs structure their market strategy, so they can grow their business and create positive change.




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Three week digital workshop

You get to evaluate the market potential in your idea through market driven innovation. The workshop includes:

  • Three digital sessions with a selected group of candidates
  • Two 1:1 digital mentoring sessions
  • A framework with basic steps on how to launch your idea in market

The offer of 1490,- NOK eks. mva. is only available for candidates with an idea that has a positive social impact.

The workshop starts on June 3rd.

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We are in good company.


 Yourvoice was founded by Ellen Loxley-Slåttsveen, who has worked in several start-ups and knows the value of a result-oriented business model. 

Do you want to make a difference in the world, but unsure how to get there?

Many entrepreneurs have an endless task list, and it might seem difficult to know how to structure your work day to grow your business.

I help entrepreneurs structure their work flow, work more efficiently and grow their business.

Book a call, and take your idea to market faster by working more efficiently.

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All assignments are customer-centric. No fixed costs and a step by step business model.  

Low risk

 You get high-level competency and efficiency for a fair price.


Each assignment is tailored to  the need of the customer.


Sign up for a 10 hour mentoring program to work with your business on a strategic level.

Key areas: Go-to market strategy, market strategy, communication, distribution channels, sales strategy, sustainable brands, b2b, b2c, b2g, saas, streamline production


Book a workshop to structure your activities and grow your business. End up with a strategic milestone-plan to get your product into market faster.

Management for hire

Hire Ellen Loxley-Slåttsveen to implement the strategy as a general manager, marketing manager or sales director for hire on a month to month basis. 

Join us in creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Join us and make the planet a better place.